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What We’re Doing Here!

Before I can tell you more about the site, here’s a little background about me. I’m an avid Modern fan, and barely touch any other format. I am a proud Dad from a rural part of the UK. As a result, I get to play very little paper magic!

But, I do get to play MTGO! I started my MTG journey on a budget, and brewed like mad. I always felt there wasn’t enough content for budget players, and even less aimed at MTGO players. I hope to address that!

The aim is to create decks that you could easily rent and test on MTGO. So, if you’re new to Modern, you can test all these lists to see what style suits you. If you are looking for something fun to mess around with to break up the grind, then you can do that on the cheap! If you just want to see some bad decks in action, then there will be some of that too!

The aim is always to win and be competitive, but that comes 2nd to having fun! Hopefully we can get a bit of both!