BG Yawgmoth Evo

There’s 2 things I love in Magic. Toolbox decks, and anything with a combo finish that can play fair. When both those things turn up in the same deck, you can guarantee I’ll play it! 1 deck list for your viewing:

Check out the video below

Not too shabby!

How I designed the deck

Well first of all I found a sweet list in the 5-0 dump, which you can see here:

I then just hacked away at the sideboard a bit! The rest of the deck was pretty budget friendly for MTGO already.

Should you want to make this more budget in paper – well, you have to buy Yawgmoth,and thats $50 at time of writing. However, the Catacombs, Urborg, Twilight Mire and co can all be hacked apart. It’s a 2-colour deck, so it’s much easier to make it work without an expensive manabase (fast lands, check lands, cycle lands, basics can all work). Twilight Mire is pretty good though, because it lets you cast Stangleroot Geist on Turn 2 and Geralf’s Messenger on Turn 3.

Spoiler Alert!

Warning – this section contains info on the matches. If you don’t want to know the results, don’t read on!

Match 1 vs Burn – Game 1 We use a Young Wolf to chump a goblin guide, and then our BOP dies when we want to evo into Finks. We draw Geralf’s and get it into play, but die to 1-drop double bolt and 3 attacking creatures. This was a winnable game had we not blocked with young wolf. Game 2 we miss our 2nd land drop but get a strangelroot geist path-ed. We eventually draw a land (turn 5) and evo up a finks. We then try to evo again next turn, but get skullcracked down to 5. We die to 2x 2-drops. We were unlucky here, and should have won Game 1.

Match 2 vs Jund – Game 1 the opp doesn’t hit any green mana, and our undying creatures just keep coming back. Our opp scoops turn 4. Game 2 our opp has some interaction again, but misses their 3rd land drop, and our undying geralf’s force our opp to scoop again early.

Match 3 vs G-tron – We make turn 2 scooze, they make turn 3 wurmcoil, then o-stone. We Evo up Acidic Slime to take out a land and make a death-toucher, then turn our scooze into Yawgmoth. We try some crazy line to shrink wurmcoil and draw cards, and just draw running lands. Our opp scoops, when they were actually miles ahead, but must have assumed we had a combo. Game 2 they have turn 3 wurmcoil again, and we have turn 3 acidic slime on tron land. Turn 4 we use Yawgmoth and chord (for young wolf) to combo, but actually wouldn’t have had lethal. We didnt have enough life to sink into Yawmoth (we were on 11, they were on 22). We misplayed, but the opp scooped!

Match 4 vs Burn – the op has no creatures, and we evo finks up on turn 3. We chord for scooze the following turn to gain life, we misplay with a fetch (and wall of roots) and die to double bolt as the last 2 cards in opps hand. Game 2 we have all mana dorks and lands, but keep because it gives us our tempo. We draw lands and dorks for the remained of the game and never manage to get anywhere.

Match 5 vs G-tron – Our opp has turn 4 karn only, and we try combo on our 5. We need to draw Chord before dropping to 2, I misclick half way through and have to stop. However, our opp can only fetch up Ensnaring Bridge off baby karn, and we kill on Turn 6… pretty poor from the tron side! Game 2 we have turn 2 damping sphere into Turn 3 manglehorn (slowing their stars/spheres). They have blast zone ready for our damping sphere, so are now under pressure. We turn our manglehorn into acidic slime for blast zone. O-stone mops up our damping sphere and some critters, but we have the opp down to 5. They have another o-stone but our geralf’s messenger gets there.

So another 3-2. It was a weird league, and we only played against 3 different decks. However, I felt like Burn was probably favourable and tron was extremely unfavourable, but we lost to burn twice and won against tron twice *shrug*. Jund was a non-match really.

Overall, I think this deck will have trouble game 1 against anything unfair, because it’s a little slow to combo (turn 4 is realistically the fastest you can do it), but it’s great vs fair decks, since most of the cards give value. It has one of the better plan Bs out there. As a result, I think this deck is capable of going 5-0 but just as capable of going 0-5. Going 3-2 is likely where the deck sits, but it did feel good overall, and I’d have no hesitation to play it again. More reps with the deck would have likely lead me to beat at least 1 of the burn opponents.

That’s all for today. Hope you enjoyed the deck, and let me know in the comments what you thought!

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