Devoted Griselbrand Combo

For my 2nd modern deck, I stumbled across a cheap looking Neoform combo deck, that mashed together Devoted Druid and Griselbrand for a very cool list. Here’s what we played in the videos:

Check out the video below

Thats how its done!

How I designed the deck

So this was a bit of an easier 1. I had found a list that looked awesome, but was double the price of what I was aiming for. However, it had some obvious cuts. Here’s the original list I had worked from:

Cutting Horizon Canopy, Misty Rainforest and Noble Hierarch (as well as a few SB tweaks) made this budget in a heartbeat. The issue was that those cards are actually good and fill a role, so had to be replaced. Hierarch helps you cast Vizier, Evo or Neoform all on Turn 2, so being 3-colours is strong. Replacing it with llanowar elves and Avacyn’s Pilgrim was never going to be ideal, but it let us play the deck within our budget.

Spoiler Alert!

Warning – this section contains info on the matches. If you don’t want to know the results, don’t read on!

Match 1 vs Mono Red Pheonix – Opponent puts approximately infinite power on the board Turn 2 on the play (all with haste), and we scoop. G2 we don’t keep a great 6, manage to survive until turn 4 and make a griselbrand. We then manage to blank a couple of combats and attack for 8 flying lifelink. Rhonas off the top forces the opp to burn resources on the griselbrand, and we get to call up a Kor Firewalker on Turn 9 for the win. Game 3 we face lethal on turn 4 through 2 paths and double “kill your dork”!

Match 2 vs bant soulherder – we make a turn 2 Griselbrand on the play. Our opponent paths it, so we draw 7. Our turn 3 we make a Borborygmos Enraged, which gets to attack on turn 4. We now have devoted druid + vizier but no pay-off, but the opponent is down to 7. We hardcast a 5/5 Allosaurus Rider and keep attacking. The opp is down to 3, but we’re down to 7 thanks to Griselbrand activation and an ice-fang coatl. We rip Eldrami’s call to grab rhonas but Vizier has already been killed. We manage to steal the game with the rider!

Game 2 we make a devoted druid which gets eaten by a deputy of detention. We make another Druid, they play soulherder to flicker deputy and eat both druid. URGH! We have Tocatli Honor Guard to blank half their deck and then rip a 3rd Druid along with Vizier. Our Neoform gets force of negation-ed so we use Evo to grab recruiter and win!

Match 3 vs Goblins – we make a turn 4 griselbrand after a few back-n-forths. The 7/7 Lifelinker isn’t enough, as we rip Borborygmos off the trigger and then the opp floods the board. G2 the opp misclicks on a Cratermaker to kill druid, but we teach him the power of undo, then die for being nice!

Match 4 vs G-tron – T2 Fauna Shaman into T3 Devoted Druid and kill em on T4 (using shaman to find vizier and evo to find payoff). G2 we make a turn 2 Gaddock Teeg as they have 2 tron lands, but we miss our 2nd land drop. We make druid which dies. The 2nd land comes and we can play fauna + dork. That lets us dig up rider and sac it to get Terrastadon, destroy a tron land and make 15 power.

Match 5 vs Hogaak (no bridge version) – Game 1 they wombo-combo with altar / hogaak on Turn 3 to put 21 power on the board. Our Turn 3 lets us make druid combo and in response the opp goes to mill us for 21. If he hits our Rhonas we’re in trouble! We put Eldrami’s Call on the stack to try and get round some of the mill, but they hit rhonas. We put as much power on the board as possible but recurring vengevines mill us out. Game 2 we mull to 6 but get lucky with BOP + Jixlid Yailer on T2. They kill it and we follow up with a scooze and a devoted druid, at which point they have 15 power on the board. The scooze eats more removal. We can’t get there!

So we finished 2-3. The deck felt ok at times, and there were definitely games we lost because I misplayed, lost some because the deck wasn’t great, and also because we didn’t have hierarchs. There’s been developments with the deck (which you can see below) since, and it does do some pretty crazy stuff. But overall, it felt slightly weak for modern. That’s all for now!

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