Jeskai Ascendancy Combo

A modern mastermind named “Kiiiittyman” recently piloted a Jeskai Ascendancy combo deck to a 5-0, well within our 100 tix budget range. There’s new technology in the list, so i thought i best take it for a spin!

Check out the video below

How I designed the deck

As I mentioned above, I didn’t! I stole it πŸ™‚ Check out the wrap up though, because there’s important changes I make after playing the deck!

Spoiler Alert!

Warning – this section contains info on the matches. If you don’t want to know the results, don’t read on!

Match 1 vs Grixis Shadow – This is a tough match-up, because we need a mana dork to stick, and we have to land Jeskai Ascendancy. BOP dies to their whole deck (as does fatestitcher), and Ascendancy can be tagged by a simple Stubborn Denial. They also have a fast clock. Game 1 thoughtseize, Dismember and double death’s shadow have me dead on Turn 4. Game 2 they have thoughtseize, dismember and lethal on Turn 3! We dont manage to do anything relevant. At least it was quick!

Match 2 vs Bant Soulherder – I struggle to watch this back to write up about it! I punt really badly in game 3. Our opponent is clearly new to their deck, and make a bunch of questionable decisions (missing free draws from soulherder triggers, missing combat damage, not returning ephemerate with e-witness etc). However, I get carried away in Game 3 and try to combo through Force of Negation and Path to Exile, and then realise i’m a card short. I know about a Knight of Autumn and that takes out my ascendancy, and there’s no chance for me to recover!

Match 3 vs Grixis brew – we manage to combo on turn 4 through push/bolt thanks to Sylvan Caryatid. Our opponent hasn’t seen our list before and so lets us play it out, and we’re actually close to fizzling. We have a nice opp though πŸ™‚ Game 2 we have to try fight through a dreadhorde arcanist, which is giving them lots of cards! An Agrath’s Rampage takes out our Caryatid, and inquisition picks apart out hand a bit. Luckily our deck is all cantrips, so we start to recover. Turn 5 we wish a jeskai into play, but no creature to go off with. A fatestitcher is in the bin though. We manage to scult a hand that can go off on Turn 6 as their interaction is all sorcery speed (we know because of peek).

Match 4 vs RW Eldrazi and Taxes – this is a strange deck with SFM, but I misplay early (with my fetch) and it sets me back a full turn for the rest of the game, which is crucial when they land Thought Knot. Game 2 they lead on deafening silence, so we G-wish for wear//tear, leaving us short on ascendancy. We remove the enchantment and start digging. I misplay again on turn 9, thinking that i can tap down a Thalia but it has proc blue. I go to 1, they wear//tear my Ascendancy and my mana confluences don’t work. This felt a very winnable match but I punted my way through it!

Match 5 vs RUG As Foretold – Opp is playing lots of restore balances! We make a Caryatid on T2, and a fatestitcher on T3, and they play T3 As Foretold and some rhinos. We rip Jeskai Ascendancy luckily, and manage to bolt the opp to turn our 2 Light Up the Stage into powerhouses. Kill easily from there. Game 2 we go down the pyromancer route, and have to try and play around a restore balance. As a result, we dont over-commit but try to apply pressure with ascendancy + pyro tokens. We force a turn 4 restore balance, but have Ascendancy in play and some spells in hand, including a Caryatid. We untap with it and win!

Wrap Up

So unfortunately we finish 2-3, but I punted 2 of those matches. Yet again, it feels like we could have gone 4-1 on another day. I also don’t think we faced any of our good MUs (tron, storm and other linear decks tend to be slower than us).

In my wrap up, I talk about the changes I’d make. In summary, i’d do this:

-4 Light up the Stage, -2 Gut Shot, -2 Lightning Bolt, -1 Fatestitcher

+1 Nagging Thoughts, +1 Ideas Unbound, +1 Sylvan Caryatid, +2 Abundant Growth, +1 Noxious Revival, +2 Manamorphose, +1 Path to Exile

Because the deck is fun, rogue, budget and I misplayed a lot, I may run it back with the changes. Let me know if you want to see that happen!

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